SurfTec is a privately held company formed in 2015 to commercialize the patented PDA/PTFE technology pioneered by the company founders, Dr. Samuel Beckford, CEO, and Dr. Min Zou, CTO. The vision of SurfTec is to pioneer the development of innovative material surfaces based
on nanotechnology.

The team’s background in Surface Engineering, Materials Science, Tribology, and Nanomechanics and involvement in academic research is a significant advantage for continuous innovation. SurfTec envisions its coating technology selling globally and becoming the standard lubricant used in bearings for many applications.

The effective implementation of SurfTec’s coating will not only have a large impact on maintenance costs by eliminating premature failure in mechanical systems, but will serve as a ground breaking transition point from the use of outdated lubrication practices to state-of-the-art nano-coatings.